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    missing some if else thing

    Optikalefx Level 1
      I missing something

      myVar3 = new LoadVars();
      myVar3.onLoad = function(success) {
      if (success) {
      iff = myVar3.ifvoted;
      if (iff == "no") {
      alert = "Teams not Set for this Week";
      } else {
      alert = "";
      myVar3.load(" http://www.4tenproductions.com/gary/ifvoted.php", "myVar3", "POST");

      when this loads nothing shows up

      if you trace(iff); right after the if(success) it shows no
      so i dont see why my if == "no" doensnt work

      i know the text box works because i tested after the if(success) alert = "working?"; and that showd up fine

      so i know alert = "" works, and i know iff is returning the correct word, so why wont it respond?

      i even used a switch statement at one point and it still didnt do it.