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    createComponentFromDescriptor layout issues

      I'm writing a board game in Flex that supports between 2 and 5 players. Each player gets his/her own mini-board to play on, so I've written a MXML component called PlayerBoard, which is a Canvas component. In the first iteration of my MXML application, I had 5 of these PlayerBoard components laid out inside a VBox. They appeared exactly as expected.

      However, if there are less than 5 players, I don't want the unused boards to show up. Consequently, I've set my VBox creationPolicy to "none", and then I use createComponentFromDescriptor() to instantiate only the boards that are needed for the game. This is working in all regards except one: The created boards are not being positioned in the VBox correctly! What appears to be happening is the proper boards are being created, but they are all stacked on top of each other in the upper left hand corner where my VBox is anchored.

      Now, I can unstack them simply by giving them x/y coordinates so that when they are created, they will appear in the correct (fixed) positions, but that seems to defeat the purpose of using a VBox! Is there any way to get the VBox container to properly lay out my manually instantiated MXML components? Or is the VBox only sized upon creation with no way to change it after it's been created? I have tried calling validateNow() (based on some stuff I read in the Container documentation) but to no avail.

      Any and all help appreciated. Many thanks. This Flex stuff is fun!