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    Stop Updater for 8.2.4


      When I upgraded to Acrobat 9 professional, I deleted Acrobat 8 from my Mac.  Now every time I reboot the computer, I get the bouncing update notification to update Acrobat 8.2.4, which is not on the computer.  If I click yes, I then get an error message that says "Error 1301 - contents modified since original installation.  Reinstall Acrobat and check for updates again."


      ADOBE - HOW DO I STOP THIS NONSENSE????  Where on the computer is the updater so I can delete it?


      This is REALLY IRRITATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          vsh07 Level 2

          Please try the following  steps:

          1.Go to <user>/Library/LaunchAgents folder.

          2.Delete any plist file starting with “com.adobe.ARM”

          3.Again,Launch Acrobat 9.


          The update notification should not come now on restarting..

          If issue is still not resolved,please repost in Acrobat forum for Mac