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    Problem with Exporting 80 minute video

    david pro Level 1

      Hi there.


      I have an 80-minute video that I have been trying to export, but for some reason the audio clips keep getting mixed up in the render. I mean.  few audio clips are rendering out where they are not supposed to be, so I have the wrong audio in certain spots.


      I originally was exporting without rendering out the video effects (leaving the red line up top), then tried with video effects rendered out and both are coming up with the same problem. The footage is 1080i AVCHD, there is one layer of video and two, sometimes 3 layers of audio. My footage and PPro file are all on a RAID drive via Firewire 800, and the scratch disk is via USB 2.0.


      I'm exporting to H.264.


      Any suggestions?


      Thank you,