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    Conflict between Articulate Engage swf and Quiz Manager

    MojoRH Level 1

      I am inserting an articulate engage swf into my Breeze presentation and my Presenter quiz questions do not work correctly after inserting the engage swf. 


      My process has been to publish the engage swf which also publishes a content folder....Then I insert the engage swf into the powerpoint presentation....Then publish the presentation locally with Presenter.  I then have to add the engage content folder to the Presenter output folder structure in data > resources.


      My slide presentation also has Adobe Quiz Manager questions in it.  THe problem i am having is the quiz questions will not advance  with the engage swf in the presentation.  The kicker is, the quiz questions will work if they are on slides that come before any slide with  engage content on it.  for example if there are a couple of quiz questions in my presentation and the first one is on slide 5 followed by an engage swf on slide 6, this first quiz question will work.  If the next quiz question is on slide 7 it will not advance after the user answers the question.  If i skip the slide  with the engage content (by going from slide 5 to 7) the 2nd quiz question will work just fine.  It seems that loading the engage swf causes a problem for the quiz questions that come after it .


      Has anyone had this type of problem?

      thanks in advance. - Mike

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          robva65 Level 2

          Hi Mike!


          I actually ran into a problem similar to what you've written about here.


          Here's a suggestion to try; you may experience weird / unexpected results, but it may be worth a try....and who knows, it could help!


          Here goes:


          Rather than using one quiz container for your content / course, what I'd like you to do is break up "non-contiguous" question slides into totally separate quiz containers.  I think what you need to avoid is having any kind of flash interactions from Engage running between a set of question slides stemming from one quiz container.


          So instead of having a question on slide 5, an Engage interaction on slide 6 and another question on slide 7.....I want you to try breaking that up so that it looks like this:


          Question on slide 5 [from quiz container 1], Engage interaction, question on slide 7 [from quiz container 2]...and so on.


          Here's the deal: I've personally seen instances where adding custom Flash animations between question slides have caused some interference with the functionality of question slides.  Even though you're using a totally different product, Engage still employs code parameters that can cause some breakdowns as soon as you publish your Adobe Presenter content, and I think that's what's happening here.  To be brutally honest, I don't have Engage, but I'd be willing to bet it's causing the same problems that I've encountered with Flash animations that I've tried to incorporate into my Presenter content.


          So again, try breaking up the question slides into separate, independant quiz containers and see if that resolves the problem....I'd be curious to know if that works!