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    How to use remote server for FB4 + CFB/9 project

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      Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can learn how to take a FB4 project that uses CF9 (built using CFBuilder) from my local development environment (where it works fine) to a server environment (where I can't get it to work at all).


      There are many good resources that I have found for how to develop an FB4+CF9+CFB project on a local machine, but I can't find any for how to make it work in the production environment. I understood how to do it in php/zend (change the strings in the connect settings in the appropriate .php files), but I haven't a clue how to do it when the project uses cold fusion. My isp has not been helpful, none of the videos on lynda.com or the usual books cover it, and so I'm at a loss. I've even hunted down the Ben Forta articles, but these don't seem to help me to learn what I need to do.


      I am at a standstill, and any help in terms of pointing me towards resources (or tutors) would really be appreciated.


      Thank you

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          I would anwser with two questions:


          1/ did you develop using CF9 built-in web server ?

          2/ which web server is your ISP using ? or on which production web server do you plan your deployment.


          Some mapping may be needed in the event of you developping with the built-in web server of CF9

          and your ISP using a separate web server

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            Thank you for the reply. Here are the answers


            1. I developed using CF9 developer edition on windows 7 64-bit using wamp server (which uses apache, embedded I believe and mySQL)


            2. My production environment runs CF9 on a windows iis server, and I am in a shared hosting environment.


            Are there any resources that you could point me to that help me to understand what the mapping is, and how to manage it? My web host provider has been very little help, both in terms of their IT staff and in terms of their knowledge base. I think one of the things that complicates it is that I am using CF9 with flex, and because flex has its own eccentricities it complicates the process of getting everything to work properly on the production environment. I am happy to roll up my sleeves and figure things out, but unlike when I developed Flash Builder + php (where you can find resources that describe how to migrate from a local environment to a production server environment) -- Flash Builder + CF9 is much more frustrating because there are very few good resources that explain this part of the process -- which is obviously critical to the job.


            Any guidance on how I can learn how to get the settings changed (and even where to find them!) so that my local FB4+CF9+CFB app can be made to work in my windows iis shared server prodution environment would be REALLY appreciated.


            Thank you!

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              if you are using this



              then you deploy locally with the integrated Cold Fusion 9 webserver


              else if this is your base url





              1/ IIS must be configured to work with coldfusion 9 (for the CFC's to work)

              is this the case with your ISP

              or they provide a coldfusion jrun server


              2/ if IIS is the web server, then it must be configured to serve mxml files


              These two technotes should be helpul:





              Keep me informed