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    Windows thumbnail for PSD files


      Hi everyone,


      Until a few days ago, PSD files never did have an icon in Windows Explorer. But now I have this :


      (I pixelated the file names so this is normal.)


      What is not normal, or at least, what I don't understand, is how the file thumbnail was created. It doesn't appear on all files, and disappears (reverts to the PSD icon such as the one at the top of this image) when I save the file. As I don't constantly monitor the desktop, I can't tell when the thumbnail is generated, but it can take hours, or never come back by itself.


      So I wondered, what does generate the thumbnail, and if so, how can I enable imemdiate thumbnail generation ?


      Configuration :

      Asus G51Vx - Intel C2D T7500, nVidia GTX 260, 8GB RAM

      Windows 7 x64 Business

      Adobe CS5


      Thanks in advance for your answers, any help is appreciated.

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          Ice_Panther Level 1



          Thank you very much for the fast reply.


          However, this is a 32-bit dll and thus probably won't work on a x64 system (it was the case for PDF thumbnails, I had to download a "bridge" dll, that was free). Plus, it has been said in the comments at the bottom of the page you linked that it didn't work on Win7 anyway.


          I also saw on some sites that third-party solutions exist but at a cost, so it isn't really a solution either. Plus, it sometimes works, so that's very strange. If there was no functionality present at all, then it wouldn't work. That's why it's strange, I'd understand if it never worked or always worked, that's the strange working/non-working thing that confuses me.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            I suppose it depends on the availability of an embedded thumbnail and a flttened preview plus which program is assigend as the defualt fiel type handler on your system... I've never been able to make sense of this pattern, either.



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              Ice_Panther Level 1



              Thanks for your reply.


              I have the thumbnails set to be always saved with the file, as you can see here :


              Also, Photoshop is, and always was, the default file type handler for PSD files :



              Thats'why I'm even more confused. Anyway, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one to be in such a situation.

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                Not being able to see .psd thumbnails in Explorer on a 64 bit system is a long-standing and well-known issue.  Why you ever see the thumbnail is the bit of mystery here.


                There are several commercial codecs available out there for making .psd file thumbnails visible in Explorer.  Google "Ardfry psd codec" and "Mystic Thumbs psd codec" as examples.



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                  David Blake

                  > So I wondered, what does generate the thumbnail, and if so, how can I enable imemdiate thumbnail generation ?


                  I have seen this behavior when a 32 bit thumbnail provider is installed on a 64 bit system.  Thumbnails will only be generated when the folder is viewed from a 32 bit app--usually from a File Open dialog.


                  Since your system is 64 bit, there isn't a way to enable immediate generation by a 32 bit provider.  You'll need a 64 bit provider such as our PSD codec, which was mentioned already.  http://www.ardfry.com/psd-codec


                  I agree that a commercial codec is a difficult purchase if you are not a professional and your time is not valuable.  If you are a pro, then the codec should quickly pay for itself: it should be a straight forward business decision.

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                    Hobotor Level 3

                    My guess would be to install the 32-bit psd codec/ dll  and view the files with the 32-bit version of windows photoviewer. Not sure if it'll work, but that's how I'd take a stab at it

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                      Ice_Panther Level 1



                      From this link, it may be due to the fact that I have Microsoft's Expression Blend installed. But it shouldn't work, as it's not intended for x64 systems either. So it's probably what David Blake suggests.


                      I knew about Ardfry or Mystic Thumbs, but I would have preferred avoiding installing a third-party codec, especially when the thumbnail sometimes show already.


                      Hobotor - your solution seems interesting, I don't know if a 32-bit version of it since it uses dllhost.exe, but I'll take a look at it. If this doesn't work, I'll look at the third-party codec solution.


                      Anyway, thank you for your replies.


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