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    Importing multiple files

    Allen Gambrell Level 1

      I have a plugin that moves files and xmp in lightroom and then reimports them.


      I have the entire operation in a prolonged write access opperation and the progess bar works fine when I don't reimport the images. But when I do reimport the progress does not update and it shows task completed every time a image is imported.


      Also is there a way to import multiple images in the same operation, because then I could build a list and then import them after they are all moved.

      By far the longest part of the whole operation is waiting on lightroom to update the progress bar and dim and lite up the improt button. This takes almost twice as long as the process of moving the files!


      Any suggestions?

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          Allen Gambrell Level 1

          By the way It would be nice to have a function to move a image and still maintain the lighroom link, including virtual copies. I requested this in Lr2 and  escouten said that it would be on the list to add, but I guess it did not make it.

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            areohbee Level 6



            Can't help with the import business, so to speak.


            But, I too would love to be able to write "refactoring" plugins (move/rename...).


            I was hoping Chet Drarvik would be more present in the forum to support us, but I haven't heard "hide nor hair" from him in months. Maybe he's busy making the SDK so good we won't even need any support - ha-ha.