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    iPhone compatibility?? (and Android now too!)

    wildflower13 Level 1

      Can someone please tell me why ADE isn't compatible with iphone and when Adobe is going to fix this problem?

      My Public Library uses this software for their ebook library but I can't use them because of the limited compatibility issue.


      Update:  Sony announced on Sept. 1st that they were going to be releasing "Mobile Reader" apps for both iPhone and Android "later this year."

      Their current desktop versions (well, I've only tried the Mac version) allow for downloading and reading the ADE ebooks from my public library.

      Hopefully, this means that the mobile versions will too.  Since it seams that the Sony reader is about the only devise the ADE library ebooks work on, this seams a realistic expectation.

      Also, The press release stated that they would be supporting public library access through their online bookstore.


      Fingers crossed!