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    Question regarding scripting for check box autofill


      Hello everyone.  First, let me say many thanks to all of the users as well as admins in this forum.  As a novice LiveCycle user, I have learned an incredible amount from searching on the forum and reading from others.  Now, on to my current question......


      I am using a custom form created in LiveCycle ES 8.2, and am wondering how to empower a checkbox to automatically fill in (ie. "on") based on a number inputted into a Numerical Field using a range criteria.  To be more specific, I have (5) checkboxes that will be labeled as follows:


      Name: CheckBox1     < 500

      Name: CheckBox2     500 - 999

      Name: CheckBox3     1,000 - 1,499

      Name: CheckBox4     > 1,500

      Name: Checkbox5     None


      I want ONLY ONE checkbox to auto fill in based upon a number that I enter into the Numerical Field (called "NumericField1").  For example, if I enter the number "889", I only want CheckBox2 to auto fill in.  Unsure what script to use in the Script Editor for this.  Any help would greatly be appreciated.  Thanks so much in advance.