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    2006 eBook bought from Amazon won't open


      I bought an ebook from Amazon in 2006 that was made to be used with the Adobe Digital Editions software.


      Now, I can no longer open it. When I try, I get this error:


      Your Adobe software could not be activated.

      HTTP error on Adobe DRM Activator request.

      Adobe DRM Activator error.

      Client Code:  31 - HTTP Code:  576

      Fault location:  20


      Any ideas of how to fix this?

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          Unfortunately PDF files sold by Amazon before they moved to the Kindle platform used Adobe Content Server 3.  Files purchased using ACS3 require migration to be used with Adobe Digital Editions.  The servers that are required for this migration were decommissioned at the end of last year.  So if you had not already migrated the content by opening it in ADE prior to Dec 15, 2009 you will not be able to ever view it in ADE.


          Furthermore, since the servers in question were used by Acrobat/Reader 6 and 7 for activation purposes, if you do not currently have an already activated Acrobat/Reader, you will also never be able to view the content again.


          So in short, there is no way to fix this.  You may try asking Amazon for a redownload using their current system if they have the book available, but people have reported mixed results with this.