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    Walker Effects WE Premultiply

    Cris is Bliss Level 1

      I have CS4 but I was reading an old book by the Meyers, Creating Motion Graphic with AE  Vol 1. the Essentials (©2004).  On the DVD they have some Free Plugins - by various manufactures.  In the chapter projects they mention that some of the plugins work better than those supplied in the AE program (that is AE version 6.5)  Since I like the idea of having more toys to play with, of course I want to have them at my disposal in AE CS4


      However when I placed them where the manufactures designated (the AE Plug -in Folder) and open up the AE lessons from the book I get the message that those plugin are are missing.


      I was wonder 2 things.


      Is it most likely that because the plugins are so old they just aren't compatible and therefore don't show up in CS4;  and


      Since CS4 is 5 years newer than when the book was written and the those plugins made, that it is also most likely that AE now ships with plug ins that are better than any of those old freebies and/or the functionality of AE has improved so much that those plug -in are obsolete.


      For instance the WE Premultiply was supposed to be good at knocking out the color of a black solid when using it for a lens flare or other lighting effect.  Is it possible that now in CS4 the blending mode "Multiply" is much better and therefore a plug in like WE Premultiply is un-needed.


      I'm new to AE with CS4 (2009) so I have no past reference to compare it to.


      The Freebies are: Boris Continuum Complete, DigiEffects Delirium (DE FireWorks and DE Glower), Digital Anarchy Screen Text, Digital Tools (WarmCool), Red Giant (IL Alpha Ramp), The Foundry (T LensBlur), and Walker Effects (WE Premultiply)


      Lastly, would installing any of these old effects possibly cause conflicts and crashes.




      Thank You in advance, I will wait for your answer before attempting to install any of the other Freebies

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          Cris is Bliss Level 1

          I must be getting better at this stuff.  I was thinking, what have I come across that would do what  I think WE Premultiply was supposed to do.  I used Shift Channels and set the controls to: From Luminace - To Alpha and I was able to make the black solid with the Lens Flare effect have and Alpha with transparency.  So I guess if Shift Channels was not around in 2004, it makes Premultiply obsolete. 


          However, when I compare the results to using lens flare effect alone on a black solid and the Screen Blending Mode, there is a difference in the falloff of the rings of light and color.  The blending mode has more colors and more rings of light.  Turning up the Flare Brightness with the Shift Channels does not restore the lost color.  Any alternate ways of dropping out the black background an making it a transparent alpha.????

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            Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            You're correct that the old AE 6.5 plugins are just too old for CS4 compatibility.  Note that even now we're all getting around the fact that CS4 plugins don't work in CS5!


            There are a number of ways to unmultiply/premultiply layers.  I usually precompose the layer in question, then duplicate the precomp-ed layer and assign it as Luminance Track Matte to the first.


            The most common third party Lens Flare Plugins, Red Giant's Knoll Lens Flare and Video Copilot's Optical Flares, both have unmult capabilities built into them, which is why many standalone unmult plugins haven't been updated over the past few years. 


            But Red Giant Software still offer a free version of UnMult.  It's labelled as AE 7 compatible - you could try it and see if it works in 6.5.

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              Cris is Bliss Level 1

              Thanks for that link.  I was able to use the Knolls UnMult in CS4.