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    Dealing with large files?




      Do you think fireworks is a useable solution for dealing with large files such e.g canvas's of 3000x1500px size?


      Alot of times i use fireworks as im familar with its settings to create the large files it however slows the computer right down even with 8gb ram, i heard alot of the solutions is turn to photoshop but im however un convinced i will have the same speed and flow as i do on fireworks






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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          I don't think you'll fnd it satisafactory for doing print work, if that is what you are referring to. Fireworks was developed for creating images for websites.

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            uk-hosting Level 1

            Yeah i thought the same and have done for years but always used it for my print work hehe i even used canva's of 7000px by 8000px before it started to slow down and crash, it is slower using bigger canvas sizes but i think alow would also depend on your computer power as well


            I just be informed its also obviously going to be down to the amount of layers used etc. and other fx woops


            Thanks for the reply,