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    SWF movie trailer stutters and stops on first loading...



      I am working on a site using the creative suite CS5.  The site in question is www.dystopiafilm.com.  My partner, a professor, is promoting his free film.  On the second page, we will be using a streaming service, Streamhoster, to show the whole film or the various individual chapters in separate pop up windows.


      But on the first page, the index page, we would like the movie trailer (less than 2 minutes) to start playing immediately when the user gets to the web page--it is a very dramatic trailer.  The second time a user plays the trailer, it plays smoothly, but of course, the dramatic effect has been damaged.  Does anyone know how we could make the swf play more smoothly the first time through?   I understand that if we use Streamhoster for  the streaming for the first page trailer, we'd have to have a javascript pop up window, but I would much rather the trailer div stay embedded in the web page for aesthetic effect.


      Help, anyone?  I'm an amateur at this web creation business--just starting learning 6 months ago.