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    RH 8 crashes while compiling




      I have a problem with RH 8.02.208. I've seen that it crashes when the compiler compiles one specific topic. When I exclude this topic from the compiler it successfully compiles the project.


      I made a completely new topic and copied the text from the old (now excluded) topic in the new one. Compiling works. I updated all links to the new topic, compiling works.


      Then I put the topic back to the TOC. It crashes again, so I think that the problem is not with the topic itself, but it is with the TOC. The topic is topic, which is used several times in the whole help. I have put it more than 30 times in different folders in the TOC. When I reduce the links to 28 it compiles and anything works well. It seems not important, where I put the link within the TOC.


      Is there any limitation for the occurence of a single topic in the TOC?


      Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english!