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    Flex 4 - Printing Out Data


      I am working on FLEX 4 AIR application that will store a bunch of data in an embedded SQL database.


      Using this data I will want to print off (via printer) a 'catalogue'. This will basically be a textual document that will grab the data from various tables format it in a certain way them print it out (20+ A4 pages to be stapled together forming a booklet).


      Furthermore, it would be good if the application could display a virtual front page and the user could move the title and logo around, add an image etc then the user could print the page out as pictured on the screen to a full A4 page- hence customising their own cover page.


      1. Can I do this this with flex? What classes should I look at?
      2. Would it be possible to do a print preview of the document?
      3. Are there any 3rd party tools/classes to help with this task?
      4. How do I control page breaks etc - e.g print the first 2 paragraphs on page 1 of the document, stop and take a new page for the next 2 paragraphs?