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    Premeire CS5 to Encore Dynamic Link Apect Ratio Problem

    PWV Brian Level 1

      This is a problem I encounted using CS4 and it hasn't changed in CS5.


      1)  I shoot on Panasonic P2 cards using the 720p 24PN settings.

      2)  I edit in Premiere with the preset for Panasonic 720p 24P.  So my material and sequences are a perfect match.

      3)  When I'm ready to make blu-rays and DVDs I'd like to use Adobe Dynamic Link to send my Premiere sequences to Encore.  Seems simple enough.

      4)  Whether I send a sequence from Premiere to Encore from Premiere's File Menu, or start a new Encore project and try to import a Premiere sequence

           from Encore's file menu I achieve the same results below.


      A)  The Dynamicly Linked sequence when you inspect it shows the correct aspect ratio information.  960 by 720 with aspect ratio of 1.333.

      B)  When you put this linked sequence into an Encore timeline by any means, the timeline becomes a 4:3 timeline and the radio buttons in the properties

           window gray out and disable the ability to select 16:9.  When you use Encore's disc preview or burn a DVD or Blu-ray, it does in fact encode it as 4:3

           with letterbox space above and below the image.  Play it on your HD TV and you have letterbox above and below and black space on the side

           since it is 4:3.  Pretty silly stuff.


      Note:  I create my Encore projects with the initial authoring mode set to Blu-ray, and my preview to 16:9.  I've looked through every menu and option to find anything else I could that I could change to 16:9 to correct this issue to no avail.  I am going to test making some sequences that are set to 1280 by 720, placing my P2 media into those and trying the dynamic link feature.  Regardless of the success or failure of this test, it seems that sequences using Premirere's built in presets that are 16:9 should simply drop into Encore as 16:9 using Dynamic Link.


      I'm generally pretty good with this stuff and my gut feeling is that there is no solution other than a software fix.  But I'm still hopeful I am just missing something and if someone can point it out to me I would greatly appreciate it.  Save me from always doing intermediate renders and encodes on all my projects.