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    LocalStorageLimit & Shared Objects




      Hope some experts could help me finding out the solutions!


      I need to log some data in shared objects without exceeding the "LocalStorageLimit". I will upload the data to the server and clean up the shared object once it's reaching the limited boundary. Normally, the default value of flash player is set to 100kb. However, some users might set the default to 10k or zero (or even disable the local storage). Is it possible to write some as3 code to detect the value of "LocalStorageLimit" so that I could do different things depending on the user's local storage settings?





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          I don't think so. I test this by calling flush on the SO. If the storage limit has been exceeded, the user should get a dialog box from the Flash Player asking them if they wish to increase the storage limit (SharedObjectFlushStatus.PENDING). Depending on the user's decision you will then get either a Flush.Success or a Flush.Failed event. If you get failed back, the user either denied the request or did not allot enough storage space, but you won't know the space allotted, just that it is not enough, or was denied.

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