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    Application support

    RossRitchey Level 4

      I note in the various documentation that Drive works with Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge and InDesign.


      Why not Flash and Dreamweaver?


      Are there plans to support the entire suite at final release, or do I need to figure out a Bridge check-in/check-out workflow for my Flash apps?

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          RossRitchey Level 4



          I really would like an answer to this question.

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            KenToole Adobe Employee

            Flash and Dreamweaver do not integrate with Adobe Drive in CS5.  In general we have not hear a demand from very many users of those products for integration with commercial asset managmenet systems.  Dreamweaver already provides a level of integration with popular web content managment systems which appears the more common use case with that product. 


            I'm happy to take your feedback and any examples where you think Drive would be valuable to Flash or DW users back to the product teams for further consideration.





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              RossRitchey Level 4



              I work with the entire suite on a daily basis - creating websites and applications - starting in Photoshop/Illustrator and moving to Flash/Flash Builder/Dreamweaver.


              My project and file versioning is currently performed by creating a new copy of the file, and naming old copies with the date.  This is not very efficient, and it becomes very difficult to find specific old versions.

              So, I was going to learn Version Cue..... unfortunately it was dropped as a product.... even though it appeared to be the BEST out there for working with CS projects.  No clue why it was dropped, as there really isn't anything else like it on the market... (well, that is free - or included with the CS software I already purchased)


              But anyways - I am looking to integrate with 1 tool that I can use to version my projects and files, regardless of the suite.  I really like using Drive to connect to my files from Bridge/Photoshop/Illustrator - but right now I have to do the check in/out in Bridge for any Flash or Dreamweaver files.  I see absolutely no reason this workflow can't be integrated across the suite.  I am using it the same as I would a PSD, check the file out, edit it, and check the file back in.  I am not doing any advanced things that you would use Github or Subversion for (branching, etc), simply a way to keep my versions in check as I build.

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                KenToole Adobe Employee

                Thanks for the feedback.  It's great to hear that you find using Drive efficient in your workflow where it is available.  I'll pass along the feedback as we continue to look at future opportunities to enhance the various products.  I think designers that work as you do across multiple tools in the suite are becoming increasingly common place so I'm hopeful these types of cross application features will get more attention going forward.