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    AIR DNS Caching

    SilentChris Level 1

      I recently read a question on StackOverflow which suggested that AIR may keep its own DNS cache separate from the OS it's running on (see: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1251761/is-there-a-way-to-flush-the-dns-cache-or-force- a-host-name-to-re-resolve-in-adobe). I was wondering if anyone could confirm or deny that this is the case?


      We noticed the issue because we were using some elastic IPs from Amazon and were contacted by someone who was assigned one of our recently freed IPs and suddenly had our AIR apps hitting their servers. I believe the issue only occurred for http requests (using URLRequest and URLLoader objects).


      If it is the case that AIR is keeping its own DNS cache, is there a way to programmatically disable it or at least trigger it to refresh? (Looking for an answer from an Adobe Employee / AIR Dev, although feel free to chime in if you've noticed this too).