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    Workflow question starting big, then small, then big, it goes on

    garek007 Level 1



      I have a project. I have several comps, let's call one of them Comp A.


      Comp A is 1920x1080 pixels in size. I am hoping my company will make the switch to blu-ray sooner or later, but it hasn't happend yet, so I was working large.


      I need to output to standard DVD size, 864x486


      So I place Comp A inside of a new comp, let's call it SizerComp. SizerComp is 864x486 pixels in size, and this is the comp that gets rendered, and finally, authored to DVD.


      I notice that the DVD that results from this output, the text is somewhat blurry. Is this because of the workflow I have used? Or maybe I need to scale my text up larger? It's not small text, but definitely on the smaller side.



      Ok onward.

      So I am also rendering videos from 3DS Max. I don't want to render at 1920x1080 because it takes FOREVER. Am I safe to render at the final size my DVD will be? So can I render 864x486, place this file into Comp A, and then scale it up to fill the comp? It would pretty much double the size of the 3D frames that were outputted, but then upon final render, the whole Comp A would get sized back down to 864x486 again, the original size of the 3D frames.


      So for the second scenario, am I looking at a quality loss on my 3D output?