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    link to external file doesn't show path




      a friend of mine has a problem with a CD that works fine for me.

      Embedded in a pdf file are links to shockwave-Skripts. Clicking on the link should start the default Internet Browser.

      I'm using Adobe Reader version 8.1.4. If I click on a link a warning about security issues is shown and I can read the file in question, including the path, starting with the Volume the CD is mounted in.


      My friend is using a higher version of Adobe Reader (8.2.4) but the warning doesn't show the same: the path is missing - he only gets "firefox.exe", while I'm getting "C:\Programme\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" (German file structure, "Programme" equals "Program Files"). Clicking "Open" he gets a "file not found" message while my click opens the program like it is supposed to happen.


      We couldn't figure out a difference in our settings, so there must be another solution how to get the paths into the opening procedure. Both of us are using Windows XP...


      Who knows more?