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    Better Wacom eraser support

    harry teasley Level 1

      I'd like to use adjustments on the eraser tool when using the Wacom stylus eraser, and have them affect the eraser tool settings. I'd like to use interactive resizing and adjust opacity with the 1-0 keys, and have them work on the eraser tool, when I flip the stylus around. As it is, if I want to change the eraser size, I have to actually switch to the eraser tool. If I want to change the eraser tool opacity, ditto. If I'm using the stylus eraser, and the nib is set to, say, the brush tool, and I change size or opacity while the stylus eraser is active, it doesn't work for the eraser, but does change the paintbrush's setting. This is always a surprise, no matter how many times I do it.


      Anyway, I think it would be helpful, and certainly make the Wacom eraser a lot more powerful and usable. If this is a Wacom driver issue, please let me know and I'll email them.