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    Starting to Spec. a New Workstation

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      As my CS5 suite has arrived, I guess that it is now time to get busy on the new workstation.


      I've been trying to follow all of the various threads on new computers and on the various components, especially Harm's guides. As is obvious to anyone here for very long, the equipment changes hourly. The following is the list that I am proposing to send to my builder. I would be very open to any comments and critiques.


      This will possibly be the last workstation that I build, and it will be used for SD editing, audio work in Audition, and some heavy Photoshop work, plus work in AE. I will be adding HD, and it may be AVCHD, but I am looking for inexpensive, though higher-level formats. I am not trying for a "monster machine," but one that will last for a good 4 - 5 years, like my last workstation did.


      Then, I was doing some light 3D work, and opted for the nVidia Quadro FX-4500. That turned out to be a great card, but overpriced for what I ended up using it for. It still functions flawlessly, but is not CUDA-compliant. Probably should have put that $ elsewhere, but still, the card has been flawless, so can't complain too much. I am thinking of passing on the Quadro this time around.


      CPU - Intel i7 960 or 980x


      MoBo - P6T WS Professional or better


      RAM - 12GB min, but 24GB desired, depending on price


      Case - Lian Li Full Tower, or similar


      Cooling - all possible fans and then, per your recs.


      PSU - Corsair HX 1000w, or similar


      Video - nVidia GTX - 480


      RAID controller - Areca w/ on-board memory, or equal


      HDD’s -

      Drive 0 640GB Caviar Black, or faster

      Drive 1 2TB Caviar Black, or equal

      Drive 2 2TB Caviar Black, or equal

      Drive 3 RAID 0 2x 2TB Caviar Black, or equal

      Drive 4 RAID 0 2x 2TB Caviar Black, or equal

      Drive 5 Multi-drive LG, or equal

      Drive 6 BD Multi-drive


      Audio - DD 5.1 SS capable


      OS - Win7 Pro




      FW-400 IEEE-1394a

      FW-800 IEEE-1394b



      I am open to any/all suggestions.