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    Reading application states in child component Flash Builder 4

    brian914 Level 1

      I have States in my application that look something like this:



           <s:State name="IntroState"/>
           <s:State name="MainMenuState"/>
           <s:State name="PlayerState"/>



      I then have a child component that I instantiate like this:



      <compnts:Header id="header"/>




      Inside that, I have buttons that I want to include and in only certain states. I was trying to do something like this:



      <s:Button label="Intro" includeIn="{FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication.currentState == 'IntroState'}"/>
      <s:Button label="Intro" includeIn="{FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication.state('IntroState')}"/>


      ...or something like that.


      How is that done? Is there a way to use includeIn and reference back to the main application's states?



      Thanks a lot for any help with this!!!