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    Stabilizing not working with Dynamic Link


      So, here's the steps:


      1) Right click clip in premiere

      2) Select 'Replace with after effects comp...'

      3) In AE i click 'Stabilize Motion'

      4) Select motion source 'cu_1.mpeg' the only video track

      5) Check 'Position' and 'Rotation'

      6) Setup my two tracking points

      7) Click 'Analyze Forward' button

      8) When analyzing is done i click 'Apply'


      At this point the clip is stabilized. 


      9) Click 'Save' and return to premiere


      This is where the problem is.  Premiere sees the linked AE comp but doesn't do all the stabilizing.  From what i can tell it's doing the anchor point but ignoring the rotation in the AE comp.  I think this because i do see the edge of the frame moving around like it's doing some stabilization.


      The clip is fine if I pre-render the AE comp.


      Any ideas?