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    What kind of turnkey system should I get and from where?


      I am looking to upgrade my video-editing hardware & software.  I have been all over the web and as a result need some advice.


      I had a new computer built 2-3 years ago fashioning it after a configuration recommended by 'Videoguys'.  After a while I bought a HD camcorder and it is way to slow using Premiere Elements.


      This is just for home editing use but I want speed editing HD.  I don't want basic stuff and would prefer it to be turnkey.  Windows 7 - 64 bit.  At least CS5 pre-installed with After Effects.


      Can someone knowledgeable give me some direction as to a good configuration?  I would like to stay around 5K but could go more.  I am in Canada so would rather not fool around with the border.  I will though if I have to.

      Thanks for any help you might be able to give me.