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    New to Adobe  Please evaluate my build


      Hi there. I have been lurking for the past week and thought I would get some advice. I have learned a ton just by reading the guidance section by Harm. Good stuff. Answered a lot of questions. I would appreciate it if you guys would look over my current set up and provide me with some feed back on what to improve first and what to change. I am new to using Adobe and have really only been doing video work for about a year. I built my own PC (one of many) and run a small yet busy PC repair/ Video editing service at home while still working a full time job. I just purchased CS5 and have had a pretty steep learning curve. Now I am begining to understand enough of what I am doing to know that my machine could probably use some help in its set up. Its main purpase in life was to "play Crysis' until now. Now it must work. Gaming is all but done and relegated to a second machine. So after that long introduction here are my specs and what I am doing on it.


      CPU-i7 930 @3.8Ghz


      RAM- 6GB Corsair Domintator 1600

      GPU- 2 GTX 260s SLI 216 cores

      OS - (2) WD 74GB Raptors Raid 0

      Media (personal)  WD 750GB black - Soon to be replaced by something larger This drive has been a huge disapointment. SLOW.

      Project files and everthing else WD 2TB green drive ( I know, no green drives but I got it for $70)

      PSU-Corsair 750TX

      Case - full tower Lian Li

      4 LITE ON DVD burners



      I am working with large amounts of HD content shot on this- Sony HVR-A1U.I edit the footage then author it to DVD's.

      What should I upgrade/change first? I am already planning on a second 6GB kit and another 2TB drive. Thank you all in advance for your help.