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    Help.  Error 1327

    shphntr1 Level 1

      Can someone help me deal with an Error 1327 message I keep getting?  I've tried using the Windows Install Clean Up, I've tried to do an uninstall.  I've even tried to go into my program file and just delete all of the files.  I have to files that won't delete.  They have file names in the CMap folder that are: Identity-H  and Identity-V.

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          vsh07 Level 2

          I can try to help you if you give some more inputs :

          1.When are you getting this error?

          2.What is your OS?

          3.Please provide screenshot of error message if possible.

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            shphntr1 Level 1

            I get the message after trying to install Adobe Reader.  I have Windows XP.   I do not have a screen shot available.   This all started a few weeks back when I received a notification of an Adobe Update.  I clicked to install the update and received the error message.   It referred to an invalid drive G: path.


            I've tried uninstalling using Add/Remove windows program.  I've tried removing everything from my hard drive.  C: drive.   I can remove everything except two files in CMap folder, under Adobe folder.


            Last night I even tried to reload the program from my backup, but that did not work either.


            Basically I'm waiting now to talk with Tech Support tomorrow to see if they can help me get this uninstalled, so I can start over.

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              shphntr1 Level 1

              This appears to have resolved the issue.  I'm not sure if it was subst G: C:\ that worked or turned off the firewall.  As I'd tried both.  But I also looked in the Safe Mode via Administration to check on content within what was showing up as a G: drive.   I don't see it on my Owner side.   Anyway.... Reader downloaded without error and I appear to be back in business.  Thank you.