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    big troubles with nav bar images, links, behaviors

      I am not sure what the problem is, and it appears to be different on Firefox (version and IE (version 5.2).

      I have created a site in Dreamweaver with a navigation bar running across the top. The nav bar is made of images that swap with a rollover action on mouse out and mouse over. The images also have links to other pages. I used images rather than a text nav bar because I wanted to use a font not common in system fonts.

      On the home page, the nav bar looks and functions perfectly: www.lkweddings.com/index.html

      On the pages deeper in the site, the nav bar images no longer line up properly -- I turned the background of the div that holds the images pink so I could see the problem. I thought it had something to do with relative vs. document links or with creating the links as image links versus javascript/behaviors, so I've tried it both ways, neither working properly. Here are some more examples:

      Clicking to new page through a site-relative link: works in IE, a mess in Firefox
      see example on any "Gallery" page, for example: http://www.lkweddings.com/galleries/anticipation.html
      Clicking to new page through a behavior: a mess in both IE and Firefox
      see example on any non-gallery page, for example: http://www.lkweddings.com/viewevent.html

      I have set my image borders to zero in CSS, as well as margins and padding....other ideas to try? I feel like there must be some conflict in behaviors or links that I'm not aware of. Or else I have not set the paths properly? All of the pages look right in DW so it's not a layout problem, something is going awry in the browser...

      Thanks for help, I am desperate!

      I am migrating this site over from GoLive, I ha