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    If there is a hit hitTest, reset and replay a Move Clip?


      Ok, so i am working on a platform game, I am new to making games, but I enjoy it!


      I need a little help with resetting a Move Clip if there is a hitTest! MY EXAMPLE: When the HP bar hits the bottm, my character resets. I want him to reset AND reset the the MC, or give full HP again.


      So, how can I take my code below and make it so that when the hitTest is true, it ALSO resets my movie clip?


      onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
      if (_root.char.hitTest(this)) {
          _root.char._x = 49.95
      _root.char._y = 256.2
      _root.lives -= 1;



      MORE INFO:

      Instance Name: hp

      Frame Name: hp

      Everything that has to do with the hp is named "hp".



      THANK YOU!