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    Help exporting pngs without them changing size


      I'm trying to put together an image that has different pieces in differnet files. They were made from the same base file then resaved and recolored. When I export the pngs, I export them at the same size and DPI. However, some images have shrunk by one pixel making them impossible to line up in photoshop. Even drawing additional lines in the flash file does nothing to correct this. I cant get the exact lineup since the images are skewed after export. How can I prevent this auto image editing from happening?


      This is how it lines up in flash:





      And this is how it lines up after I have exported the PNGs and try to put them back together:


      *In this image you can also see the other two pieces aside from the mane have a one pixel transparent border.






      No, I can not export them together. I NEED them separated but they also need to line up correctly. Putting them both in photoshop does not help. They are exported at a c pixel difference and the alignment is off.


      No animation is wanted.



      I am exporting them with the entire canvas, yes. I just need everything ot lign up correctly as exported PNGs. Any help is greatly appreciated!


      [I am using Flash CS4 from the Web Development suit]