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    One Creative Suite CS5 Install Fix


      In my instance, the install would immediately fail upon trying to install the very first file, giving me an exit code 7, with a long list of warnings and errors.  I'm running Vista x64, SP2.  I tried many things, but couldn't get the install to work.  By a stroke of luck I discovered that a certain service necessary for install was not only not running, but was missing entirely!  This service was the Windows Modules Installer, and its associated executable file is name TrustedInstaller.exe.  It is supposed to be located in C:\\Windows\Servicing, but mine was gone.  After some digging, I found that Avast sometimes deletes this file as a false positive, which is likely what happened in my case.


      An easy way to tell if this problem is the same as yours: you will NOT be able to run windows update.  This is how I found out about the missing service.  It took some time to realize that it was an issue, as I could install updates that I had previously downloaded, so I mistook this as Windows Update functioning correctly.  You might be able to install updates that are already downloaded, but if you try to check for new updates, you will get an error message.


      If this is the source of your troubles, I feel sorry for you. The process to go about getting this file back in place, and the service re registered can be a little tedious.  It involves changing ownership/permissions of the servicing folder, as it normally only allows SYSTEM level access, then placing the TrustedInstaller.exe into the folder, as well as possible running psexec.exe in an elevated command prompt, and importing a .reg file to re-register the service, then finally changing the altered permissions to the Servicing folder back to their original state.   However, there is a nice link I found that I will post below, that should tell you everything you need to know.  If you can read, and follow instructions to the letter, you should be okay.


      http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/258701-windows-update-error-80070424-a.html - Scroll down to scenario III. It contains everything you need to know to fix this specific issue.  If you don't know how to take ownership of a folder, or remove said ownership after you're finished, it contains links with seperate tutorials on how to do just that.


      After following these instructions, I was able to install Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium without any issues.  It's a fairly peculiar error, so I imagine that not many of you with install problems will find that this solves it, but googling something like "Adobe Creative Suite CS5 exit code 7" didn't really yield any results that were useful for my peculiar problem, so I figured I'd throw this up so others can find it more easily.

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          HI, I was interested to see your entry.  I am not sure if this is my problem because to my knowledge

          I can still update windows - I am on Windows 7.  But, I have got Avast on my computer.  I have tried just about everything.

          1. Trying to instal in safe mode.

          2. Scanning at the command prompt etc


          But nothing works still get the Exit Code 7 with 62 errors and nother installed.


          I am a little wary of trying your solution in case I muck up something else especially as the link you provided is for Vista.


          Your opinion would be helpful

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            cmcpheet Level 1

            Well, just open your Servicing folder, and see if TrustedInstaller.exe is in there.  It's located under C:, then Windows, then Servicing.  It shouldn't have many files in it, so it will be a quick find.


            If it is in there, your problem isn't the one I experienced.


            Have you tried these instructions for Windows 7?  I found them after a quick google search, so I imagine you may have already done them but:


            1. Click Start > All Programs > Accessories.
            2. Right-click Command Prompt and choose Run As Administrator.
            3. In the Command Prompt window , type sfc /SCANNOW and press Enter.
            4. When the system scan completes, type msiexec /unreg in the Command Prompt window, and press Enter.
            5. Type msiexec /regserver into the Command Prompt window, and press Enter.


            After that, try installing again.


            You didn't mention whether or not you tried the cleaner tool, so I'll link it here:

            - http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cs5clean.html?PID=2159997


            This this supposedly cleans up leftover stuff from previous installations, presumably including failed ones.  You can specify which version CS3-5 I think, that you want to clean.  It didn't help me at all, as my problem wasn't related to faulty installs, but give it a shot and see if it helps.


            Finally, if nothing above works, and you still don't want to call tech support, you can try these:

            1) http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/828/cpsid_82827.html?PID=2159997

            2) http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/844/cpsid_84451.html?PID=2159997


            The second one in particular seems like it would be useful.  It involves digging through the install logs, and figuring out exactly what it is thats failing, and then looking for reasons.

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              dvwpep Level 1

              Thanks so much for your reply.  I seem to have tried everything and I think I am now undoing what I have previously done.

                Stepped through everything with the technicians as well to no avail.  All I seem to have succeeded in doing is getting totally frustrated and giving myself a headache. I now seem to have a problem since all of this mucking around in that my Adobe reader just closes down after 3 or 4 seconds for no apparent reason.  Nothing usually beats me but with Adobe I give up.  I have called someone else in to have a look.


              Appreciate you help though.