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    Flex and .ASPX

      We are trying to find a way to get our Flex app to communicate with the .aspx page it is embedded into, however, aside from ASPNetFlash - which works with Flash Movies (and must be embedded in a flash movie frame - whch our flex app does not have), we cannot find the means to 'talk' to the aspx page and store and retrieve data from the SQL server attached to the network.

      Does anyone know how we can we get our Flex app to communicate with its parent .aspx page? Our client controls the aspx page on his MS .net network and we are Unix developers not familiar with what MS is doing here...
      Thanks for any insight anyone may have to offer...

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          A small check,
          1. ASPX would run from IIS with .NET Framwork installed onit.
          2. You need to have a bridge like Remoting to be able to talk to as server application like .NET

          Did you mean that you have the the Flex app called from withing the aspx like in Object tag etc? If so they you can communicate through Javascript.

          Or please provide little more information and we will be able to help you.

          Hope this helps

          Good Luck

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            Can you simply use HTTPService from your Flex application to GET and POST
            data to an .aspx page?