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    Premiere hanging on startup during loading of importerRed.pm

    rowby Level 1



      I had to do a system restore on my Windows 7 and now when I try to load Premiere 5.0 the startup screen hangs during Loading ImporterRed.pm.


      Also it is showing Premiere is 5.0.1  -- instead of 5.0.2 -- even though I did the adobe update which happened on Tuesday or wednesday.


      Adobe Updater is saying my programs are all up to date, and I don't think that is the case because of my system restore point which was before this week's update.


      In any case, perhaps deleting the preferences file might fix thiings? 


      I woud like to avoid a reinstall of Premiere, but could do that too of course.


      But before I go that far, any suggestions would be appreciated.