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    Creating the simplest menu similiar to multiple buttons


      Hi everybody,

      my question is easy. All I want to do is create a simple menu, which does look as a menu, and at the same time works as this exaple:



           <s:Button label="Start" click="somePlayer.start()"></s:Button>

           <s:Button label="Turn Around" click="car.turn()"></s:Button>

           <s:Button label="Exit" click="myHouse.exit()"></s:Button>



      I tried using MenuBar and I got really frustrated that every example on the net shows only setting up the labels or icons and not actually linking them in this simple manner. I don't want a dataProvider of XML where I can't set the action that is supposed to happen. I don't want to attach the action somewhere in eventHandler.


      Any straightforward solution? It will be really appreciated!