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    Pro Motion


      Can anyone tell me how to unlock the dimensions of a clip or object that I have imported into PrPro so I can resize the clip/object to MY specifications???


      I am trying to scale a clip by draging one of the points of that object which is loaded into my program monitor but the dimensions stay locked,  I just want to widen the object not increase the height. Can someone help me out...


      I'm using regular JPG images and MP4 videos... if that is even relevant to this...  Thanks

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          CruelRhetoric Level 1

          here is a picture for clarification.... notice how the picture kept its 'rectangular' shape, while I am trying to get it square.



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            You need to uncheck Constrain Proportions. Otherwise, you will always have a rectangle of the same Aspect Ratio.


            Now, going Square will result in a change in the way subjects look.


            If you want Square, but with the proper look, investigate the Crop Effect, and the fixed Effect>Motion>Scale (what you are using now, but with Proportions Constrained).


            Good luck,



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              CruelRhetoric Level 1

              Hey Hunt!!!!  Fancy meeting you here!  Are you planning on a nice bottle today with dinner?


              I can ALWAYS depend on you buddy... It seems as if I have an uncanny talent for overlooking things in Adobe... LoL


              * just to keep everyone on the same page, in case anyone else see this it may say 'uniform scale' also...

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                I am ALWAYS planning on a nice bottle of something with dinner. Last night, it was a Cakebread Cab w/ some steak, and if I heard correctly, we're having Tuna. I am thinking of a Bottle of Benovia Sonoma Coast PN.


                As for overlooking things in PrPro, it happens to all of us. I'll work with some feature, and assume that I have committed it completely to memory, only to need the manual, with I revisit that feature in a few months - "hey, how did I do that???"


                Good luck,