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    Fireworks + Dreamweaver Integration

      Help!!! I recently upgraded from MX to Studio 8. When I go into preferences in Dreamweaver, and click on FileTypes /Editors I've changed my Image editing programs from the old path to FireworksMX to C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Fireworks 8\Fireworks.exe so that I can edit images using the newer version of Fireworks. However, when I create an new html file and place a new image from the /images directory in my site onto the document window and choose the Edit in Fireworks icon, I get a message telling me that FireworksMX4 doesn't exist. I know it doesn't because I've removed the program and am now using Fireworks8, yet, even though I've changed the path to the new version Dreamweaver is still trying to refer to the old version of Fireworks. Anyone else had this problem?