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    Can't embed .avi file

      I am currently using RoboHelp HTML 6 and am having problems with some video files I'm linking to. I'm using the hyperlink tool and selecting multimedia for what I'm linking to. The videos are .avi files. When I create the link and then generate my Help, the links don't work, but if I just view them from the RoboHelp View Selected Item function, the movie opens and plays fine when I click the link.

      I tried some troubleshooting of my own before pestering all of you kind folks, and:

      Thinking it might be a path length issue (had that before), I moved the project up a level to shorten the path, regenerated and checked the links - no luck.

      Thinking RH might be objecting to the spaces in the .avi file names, I renamed all of them with NO spaces in the file names, redid the links, regenerated, and checked the links - no luck.

      I've added videos to projects in the past, but with RH X5. What am I missing? I just know it's going to end up being one of those "Duh" moments...

      Perplexed in Columbus, Ohio