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    Problem on Importing Image Sequences into After Effects

    Kian Edalat

      Dear Members,



      When I import my Image sequences into after effect the film becomes shorter in length! does anyone know the reason??

      I have checked the frame rate as well but it didn't help. In this case I have to export my image sequences in Quick Time Pro and then the length of the film becomes fine but I need to work on the Image sequences in After Effects before I export or render them into a movie file.


      For a a better explanation lets say that I have 100 of Images sequences. I have rendered them from Autodesk Maya. If I export them with Quick Time Pro into a Movie file, the film would be 4 seconds long (if 25 frames per second) but when I import them in After Effect and before exporting, The film becomes shorter (it becomes like 3 seconds something) Does anyone can help me on this?