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    Comparison of specifications for selected ASUS X58 LGA 1366 mobos

    wb_martin Level 1

      I got so annoyed trying to assess different ASUS mobos from the confusing ways that ASUS lists individual board features or from their screwed up comparison tool that I decided to take their specification information for each board and create an Excel spreadsheet of the following ASUS mobos:  Sabertooth X58, P6X58D, P6X58D-E, Rampage III Extreme, and P6T7 WS Supercomputer.  Where possible, and where it seemed that features on the different models were the same, I "aligned" the features in one spreadsheet row.  It's not a complete, nor necessarily "correct," comparison, but the total information is more apples-to-apples in the spreadsheet than was available through ASUS.


      Like many on the forum, I am considering an i7 processor - likely NOT the hex core simply due to price, 24 GB RAM, and an Evga GeForce GTX470 Superclocked graphics board (possibly adding one more later), and also adding an Areca 12-port RAID controller at some time later.  I'd appreciate any comments/perspectives others may have considering similar builds with ASUS mobos and any thoughts about the specific boards compared.