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    problems mastering to dvd and missing codecs


      I am having problems mastering to dvd with the mpeg 2 dvd option and also missing codecs,anyone can help me? new to cs5 so probably something I am doing wrong when going to export then selecting option mpeg2 dvd and select drive for output,it burns and then wont play back even though its burned okay...using tons dvds and wasting them,and getting rather frustrated...no idea how to use encore yet as in menus and stuff as used the old version of elements and 1.5 before upgrading ...so help me please

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Assuming that you have the full-paid version, and not the trial, look to see if Transfer Activation is grayed out?


          Try Importing a simple MP3 Audio file.


          It sounds like you have experienced the "revert to trial" of the full-paid version, so that you now have zero MPEG-2 support.


          The steps to correct this are:


          1.) Deactivate (probably grayed out)

          2.) Uninstall

          3.) Run Adobe Clean Script CS5 several times, rebooting between each run.

          4.) Install CS5

          5.) Instantly update, before launching

          6.) Activate

          7.) Launch and test.


          Good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As for Encore, you will love it. There is also a great Encore Forum, and a lot of helpful people there.


            I also highly recommend Jeff Bellune's book, Focal Easy Guide to Adobe EncoreDVD 2.0, Focal Press. Though written for an earlier version, everything in the book will apply to CS5. For the additions to Encore CS5, they are all pretty much covered in the Help files. With one reading of that book, you will be up and authoring in no time, and will be unlocking most of the power of Encore. Jeff also has some neat tricks up his sleeve, that appear to bend the DVD-specs, and we know that one can't do that - don't we?


            Enjoy Encore,