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    casting problem

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      I write an flex application using blazeds.

      I define new class in java in server side called DataColumn.


      I configure the return type and generate service call.


      I am returning list of DataColumn.

      For debugging I put the following code :

                          var t : Object = columns.getItemAt(i);
                          if(t == null) {
                          } else {
                              var x :DataColumn = t as DataColumn;
                              if(x == null) {





      In the first time it called I see that x is NULL. ("NULL2" message appear)

      From the second time I call the server it works OK (no message appear).

      When run in debug mode I see that t has value (not null)  but x get null in first time and after that x is equal to t.


      What can cause this issue ?