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    Socket policy file, Several Times




      I have posted several posts regarding policy file without any help.  I kindly request anyone who solve this.


      I downloaded the file perl version from adobe to serve policy file and ran it.


      I started my server which is running in 1324 port.


      I am getting the message Client Connected, but the data is not getting exchanged. 


      When i run from Flex IDE it works fine.


      Please let me know what has to be done to get the data exchanged.





      import flash.net.Socket;
                  import mx.controls.Alert;
                  public function socketConn():void
                      var xml:XMLSocket = new XMLSocket();
                      xml.connect("", 1324);
                      xml.addEventListener(DataEvent.DATA, progressEvent);
                  public function progressEvent(event:DataEvent):void