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    New Topics aren't being completed added to project

      We have an existing RH project that has been used for a long time. We are now trying to replace existing files with newer files that have different file names. The gotcha is that the new imported file to the project has the same topic title as an existing file that exists in the project. We then remove the old file, but the new file never shows up in the Topic list in the left pane viewer. It does show up in the right pane HTML file listing, however.

      When we try to hook CSH IDs, none of the new topics added appear in the Topic list to choose. However, when we look at the various .HHP, XPJs, etc., all the new file names are there.

      We can right click in the right pane HTML file listing that DOES contain the newly added files, we can get Properties and we see that its props are pointing to the old file name that shared the topic title, even though no supporting project files list that file any longer.

      Anyone have an idea why RH might be getting confused or how we can get the newly added files visible in the project?