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    Avchd video file made with Premiere Elements 8 won't fast forward or reward


      I just finished an AVCHD video project in Premiere 8 and I can't fast forward or rewind the file on my computer with Windows Media Player or in Windows Media Center. The file plays nicelly but it's annoying watch it from start to finish for 45 minutes.

      I have a Vixia HF S20 - the video format of the original files was ACHD. After finishing editing the project I choose to save it on my PC (a Dell Inspiron 8100 with I5 - so lots of power awailable) as a MPEG file. I noticed that this format was the only one that gave me the option to save the video in H.264 1920x1080i 30 preset.

      The rendering of the video took some 3 hours. It saved the video in AVCHD format and at playback, on my computer screen, it looks just as it should - HD quality - but the lack of controls it's really, really stupid!

      Anyway, I need help to figure out what is happening here. Did I do something wrong? Are there other saving settings/presets to choose from that retain the HD quality I am not aware of?  Thanks a million in advance!