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    Plug ins not showing up in Effects and Preset window

    Cris is Bliss Level 1



      I have some plugins that do not show up on the Effects & Preset window nor the Effects Menu.


      I was doing some examples from an old AE training book.  The Examples used the PS Classic Plug in and the PS LE Classic Plugin.


      In the Effecrts Control window the Plug in show up as "CC PS Classic (obsolete)" and "CC PS LE Classic (obsolete)".  Both of these are particle systems.


      When I type in CC PS Classic or Classic or just CC in the Effects & Presets window search bar, neither of these effects shows up, even though they are available and functioning in the project and in the Effects Control window.


      I have located the plugins in my plug ins folder.  They are listed as PSCLassic.plugin and PSLECLassic.plugin.  The path is: Applications/Adobe After Effects CS4/Plug-ins/Effects/CycoreFX


      Why can't I call them up in the Effects & Presets window and why don't they appear in the Effects menu???


      My other thought was that they changed the name in the tutorial but  don't think that is the case.


      This leads to a second Question.  How can you find out the "Real/Actual Name" of a plug in if you have given it a different name in the Effects Control Window.