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    How to save a Synchronization report?

      Good day,
      I am new to an office and maintaining a very large web site. Last week a employee deleted quite allot of it. Being new I have the newest update of the entire site having just downloaded it days before. However it is an active site with many people maintaining ti and some things were updated after my download.

      As I have the entire site, mine is the most up to date site wide but not for all pages. So my site is being used as a benchmark to recover the rest of the site. All responsible people have uploaded their copies, we are now checking to see that actual content is all there, while leaving off allot of test stuff that was on it originally.

      So after checking the main level folders I was told to run a synchronization to see what pages I have that the server does not to find missing files. This took most of a work day (it is a BIG site). Then I was told to tell DW to ignore all files (we are just checking and do not want to actually update anything yet) and then print a log of the synch. The problem is the log simply states that 0 were updated and XXXX number of files were ignored... that is all.

      So the question we are faced is how do I save the synch log listing all the files found, without uploading them? Or any suggestions as to how to create a report that shows missing files and versions as correct versions is important to. Broken links reports give us far to much info.

      Anyone have any suggestions and can someone from Adobe note that the ability to save synch logs should be added like the report logs. We are using DW 8.

      Thanks for any ideas.