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    CSS Based Design

      Hi All

      A client of mine is looking for a way to manage content on their website. I have used contribute 3 before but I have found that it isn't too great with CSS based websites.

      Does anyone know if the latest version of Contribute supports accessible CSS based websites?... float-based layouts in particular.

      Many thanks

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          I hate to say it, but Contribute's support for CSS is bad. Our organization just started offering Contribute to clients who have a lower budget (those who can't afford our normal, custom CMS tools), and we immediately noticed that Contribute's WYSIWYG doesn't render CSS-based layouts properly. In fact, this is an understatement. Some pure-CSS layouts are completely unintelligible in Contribute--things are all over the place. Therefore, we're forced to use hybrid table/css-based layouts for our Contribute-managed sites.

          I'm very surprised that Contribute has this issue... in this day-and-age of purely CSS-based layouts. Personally, I hate the tool (for this, and many other reasons), but alas, our clients have demanded it :*(
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            Rit01 Level 1
            Thanks Bobby.