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    .ase file


      I created a logo in Illustrator CS4 and saved the swatch set as an .ase file to use with the other adobe products. When I went to load the ase file into Fireworks CS4 I can't seem to find it. How can I accomplish this?


      I was looking thru the forums and see where you can use Kuler. But I already have the file/colors I need. How do I import them into Fireworks?



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          I don't have FW CS4, but in CS5 it's very simple and I would think it would work the same.

          Did you check the options in the fly-out menu of the swatch panel?

          Just select Replace Swatches and find the folder on your computer where you saved your .ase file.

          If you aren't sure where you'r .ase file was saved to, perhaps AI was recalling a previous folder you were working from at the time of creating your logo document and you inadvertently saved it to an unexpected location. Try saving it again if necessary and just be conscious of the destination you choose to save your .ase file. There's no specific place it "needs" to reside, you could save it to your desktop if you want.


          - rwdunnbvt

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            anovice45 Level 1

            That does not work - it is looking for an .act file or a .gif file not the .ase


            But thanks

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              zgillenwater Level 1

              I want to resurrect this old thread. Does anyone know if there's any way to get an ASE file into Fireworks CS4? Or is there any way to convert an ASE file into an ACT file?

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                iron.lady Level 1

                please i need some help (im new in this illustrator thing)... how do i save a AI. or a PAT. file as an ASE??

                i mean  how do i convert a AI. or a PAT. into a ASE file ?? please help me